Volvo XC90 Virtual Sell-Out

‘A Swedish moment’ – how we helped sell 1,927 cars in under 47 hours.

We were behind the integrated campaign that launched the all-new Volvo XC90. A key moment of the campaign was the Paris Motor Show. Volvo Cars had boldly decided to take just one car – the all-new XC90. We helped them bring five more – in virtual reality.

As word spread, the queues for ‘A Swedish Moment’ began to stretch for hours. The experience took people on a sensory journey inside the all-new XC90, set against the tranquillity of a stunning Swedish landscape.

The result
Not only was It a key component of the Volvo XC90 Virtual Sell-Out campaign in 2014, it continues to be used around the world today:

  • VIP introduction event in Stockholm
  • Paris Motor Show
  • Geneva Motor Show
  • Los Angeles Motor Show
  • Guangzhou Motor Show
  • Detroit Motor Show
  • Shanghai Motor Show
  • All 11 Volvo Ocean Race port events
  • Numerous local market VIP launch events

For: Volvo Cars

Date: Introduced August 2014 (still touring the world)

Type: Bespoke Oculus Rift VR Experience & Hardware System

Awards: Epica, Echo, Danish Digital Award, Creative Circle, 100-Wattaren, Danish Internet Award, Guldnyckeln

Platform: Oculus Rift DK2