Volvo Buses Dynamic Steering Simulator

Volvo Buses Simulator – how we took test drives to the virtual world.

Buses are very large vehicles, and operating them is physically demanding. As such, bus drivers commonly suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain. Volvo Buses solution for this is called Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) and it assists the bus driver when steering.

We discovered that over 80% of people who try VDS, buy VDS. Using this insight, we replicated a test drive. We created a simulator that combined the actual VDS hardware with our own bespoke VR world, ultimately allowing bus drivers to instantly test it for themselves.

The result
Premiering at this year’s IAA trade show in Hannover, the experience got prospective buyers excited about, and familiar with, the VDS technology without even leaving the show floor.

For: Volvo Buses

Date: September 2016

Type: VR simulation for IAA Hannover