Husqvarna Limberjack

Limberjack – how we created a virtual chainsaw mastery competition.

Wielding a chainsaw like a pro is an art form. It takes skill, dexterity, and a deft hand. The Limberjack VR experience allows anyone to test their skills against the pros. The challenge consists of ‘limbing’, which is the art of stripping felled trees of their branches. And just like the real world competition at the World Logging Championships, fastest wins.

The result
The Limberjack VR experience generated huge amounts of PR ahead of the 2016 World Logging Championships in Poland. As a name sponsor, this made sure that Husqvarna dominated the online conversation in and around this event.

Up until today Husqvarna has created over 15 000 VR loggers that immerse themselves in the world of Husqvarna and compete with others all over the world in the noble sport of VR-limbing.

For: Husqvarna Group

Date: August 2016

Type: VR game


Platform: HTC Vive / SteamVR